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Wall Street Journal: Using Bankruptcy To “Rebirth” Companies

“Master of Disaster” Charles M. Forman uses a bankruptcy filing unconventionally, bringing businesses back to life while awaiting a sale.

NJ Law Journal: When Money Problems & Marital Problems Collide

Exploring the implications of Erin Kennedy’s ground-breaking Third Circuit decision in the Ruitenberg case and still-unanswered “divorce colliding with bankruptcy” questions.

$31M Transaction For Sale Of Historic Jersey City Building

Attorneys Michael Connolly and Andrew Karas recently handled a real estate transaction acquiring a historic 12-story office building at 35 Journal Square.

Forgoing Stalking Horse Bids For Private Sales

Daniel Eliades is quoted in a Law360 News article discussing potential investors opting for private sales versus a bankruptcy auction.

Law360: Daniel Eliades Comments On Franchise Restaurants’ Ch. 11

Daniel Eliades weighs in on the topic of casual dining restaurants’ recent bankruptcy issues as a result of low revenues in a difficult economy.

Op-Ed: Senate Must Act On Christie’s Nominee

David Catuogno considers the ramifications if NJ Senate Democrats continue to refuse scheduling a hearing regarding the appointment of Anne Patterson, Governor Christie’s nominated replacement of Justice John Wallace.