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3 Tips For Small Business Owners In Financial Difficulty

Charles M. Forman is featured in the online column “Triple Play”, a weekly NJBIZ feature that asks top executives in New Jersey to talk about three things related to their industry.

Law360: 7 Tips For Writing A “Kick-Ass Legal Brief”

What words and phrases annoy judges the most? Seasoned attorneys including Dave Catuogno share tips for writing a standout legal brief.

Law360: 6 Things To Leave Out Of A Legal Brief

This informative Law360 article quoting David Catuogno explores how to avoid the six most common ways attorneys clutter up their legal briefs.

Westlaw Journal: Consequences Of Rejecting Contracts

Daniel Eliades and Constance DeSena explore the rights and remedies available for non-debtor parties whose agreements are rejected by a bankruptcy trustee or debtor-in-possession.

Publication: Risks When Accepting Transfer of a Bankruptcy Creditor Claim

An article by Michael Herz in the NJ Law Journal discusses risks attached to bankruptcy claims acquired in good faith.

Publication: Supreme Court to Decide the Plain Meaning of Retirement Funds

An article by Michael Herz and Deirdre Burke published in the American Bankruptcy Institute Journal explores the ambiguity of whether retirement funds inherited by debtors from non-spouses are exemptable under BAPCPA.

Publication: Too Hot To Cybersquat

For a franchisor dedicated to preserving the integrity of its trademarks and policing their use, a terminated franchisee’s unauthorized use of trademarks presents a public relations nightmare and possibly a challenge to the franchisor’s control over the use of its proprietary marks.

Publication: The Scarlet D

In The Scarlet D: Bankruptcy Filing and Employment Discrimination, Michael Herz contemplates the dichotomous phrasing of Section 525 of the Bankruptcy Code ensuring discriminatory protections.