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Notable Cases

Soo Hyeon Park $2.1M Settlement Reached

Settlement brings closure to wrongful-death lawsuit filed against the village of Ridgewood by the family of the 13-year-old drowning victim.

Ground-Breaking Zoning Petition In Asbury Park, NJ

A new craft distillery represented by attorney Andrew Karas has petitioned the Asbury Park city council and zoning board for rights to locate their business in the downtown area.

Ground-Breaking Decision Re: Equitable Distribution Claims Window

Erin Kennedy successfully argued that a debtor’s spouse may assert an equitable distribution claim in a bankruptcy case, even if a judgment of divorce has not been entered.

NJ Affordable Homes Corp. Ponzi Scheme: Trustee Recovery Efforts Continue

Judge Donald H. Steckroth has issued a 108-page decision upholding substantially all claims asserted in almost 600 proceedings.

Asbury Festhalle Biergarden Receives Board Approval

Andrew Karas, representing restaurateurs aiming to build Asbury Park’s first rooftop restaurant, has successfully obtained a final stamp of approval on the project from the planning board.

JCC Trustee Confirms Reorganization

Catherine E. Youngman, Chapter 11 trustee for the Jewish Community Center of Greater Monmouth County, successfully confirmed a Chapter 11 plan of reorganization.

Upscaling Asbury Park

Andrew Karas is representing Asbury Park restaurateurs in their push to bring an upscale beer garden to the city.

Special Appellate Counsel: Soo Hyeon Park Drowning Case

Our Appellate Practice Group has been retained to serve as Special Appellate Counsel for the Estate of Soo Hyeon Park, defending a verdict that awarded $10 million to the Estate.