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Michael Herz

Publication: Risks When Accepting Transfer of a Bankruptcy Creditor Claim

An article by Michael Herz in the NJ Law Journal discusses risks attached to bankruptcy claims acquired in good faith.

Publication: Supreme Court to Decide the Plain Meaning of Retirement Funds

An article by Michael Herz and Deirdre Burke published in the American Bankruptcy Institute Journal explores the ambiguity of whether retirement funds inherited by debtors from non-spouses are exemptable under BAPCPA.

Publication: The Scarlet D

In The Scarlet D: Bankruptcy Filing and Employment Discrimination, Michael Herz contemplates the dichotomous phrasing of Section 525 of the Bankruptcy Code ensuring discriminatory protections.

St. Vincent’s Medical Center Bankruptcy:
Regarding Rights To Public Records

Michael Herz points out in an ABI Journal article that the automatic stay to access of public records in the case of St. Vincent’s Medical Center of NYC may have created an unintended legal exception.

Publication: Automatic Bank Freezes

“Protecting Estate Assets or Impeding Consumer Debtors’ Rights?” is an article exploring the permissibility of a bank’s policy to immediately impose a hold on a debtor’s bank account after a bankruptcy filing.