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Charles M. Forman: The Master Of Disaster

This profile piece from The Bergen Record delves into the role that attorney Charles M. Forman plays as a bankruptcy trustee:  Part SWAT Team Chief, Part CEO, Part Financial Investigator.

As one of a select group of individuals who serve as trustees in New Jersey, Forman compares his job to running distressed businesses with a lot of surprises mixed in.

Mr. Forman is the “Master of Disaster” with skill in handling challenging and complex trustee assignments. – The Bergen Record

When the U. S. Trustee’s office in Newark calls, he never knows what he’s walking into, but has made a reputation for himself as a trustee who can handle large, complex cases. It’s this sort of extraordinary capability that earned him the first U. S. Department of Justice Director’s Award ever awarded to a private trustee.

Download the entire Bergen Record article in PDF here.