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Charles M. Forman: Trustee Award

Charles M. Forman was the first-ever trustee to receive The United States’ Department Of Justice Director’s Award for Outstanding Achievements by a Private Trustee for his role in the TSR Wireless case, successfully handling the transfer of the debtor’s operations to a new operating company.  This is the only time that a panel trustee has received such an award from the Department of Justice.

While it is our mandate to oversee the activities of the private trustees, there are some who clearly make our jobs easy in that regard. This award recognizes extraordinary handling by a trustee of a case involving difficult legal or administrative issues. Our first recipient of this award is truly deserving of this special recognition. -U. S. Department Of Justice Trustee Program

With the honor it was noted:

Charles Forman was a Chapter 7 panel trustee in the District of New Jersey. While Mr. Forman’ s service to the Trustee Program was steadfast over the years, his contributions as trustee in the TSR Wireless case are particularly noteworthy. As the largest, privately-owned commercial mobile radio service provider in the country, its Chapter 7 filing in December of 2000 contemplated shutting down operations and service to more than 2.5 million subscribers in 30 states, including many public safety organizations and medical or emergency response personnel.

Within an hour of appointment, Mr. Forman successfully negotiated emergency funding to maintain service, and continued to operate the business as a going concern which was essential to securing buyers. His technical expertise, quick and decisive action, and creative legal solutions helped to avert a potential public crisis. His fine work serves as a model for other panel trustees.